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Session 1 -Dr. Ed Newton

Sexuality and Gender
A Biblical Approach to Clarifying Truth with Compassion

The Bible is more than a book that spotlights sin, it is the journal of God’s heart that spotlights a Savior who came to take away sin.  In this session, Pastor Ed looks at the Construct, Crisis, Considerations, and Clarity of Sexuality and Gender. 

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Session 2 -Nancy Pearcey

Love Thy Body
Answering Hard Questions About Life & Sexuality

In the last few years, transgender ideology has gone from being a niche issue to being pushed in Hollywood, government, schools, and Silicon Valley. Nancy Pearcey, author of Love Thy Body, takes you on a deep dive to understand and critique transgender ideology. She explains the underpinnings of the self-alienation that has gripped young people who feel that their body and inner self are at war. Finally, Pearcey shows how to craft a biblically informed response that affirms a holistic view of the person and the value of the body.


Trapped in the Wrong Body?
Responding Philosophically to the Transgender Movement

Session 3 -Dr. Andrew T. Walker

Christians need to understand the transgender moment culturally and theologically, but also philosophically. In this talk, Professor Andrew Walker of Southern Seminary will unpack the philosophical problems with the transgender movement and then provide Christians with a few ideas on how to lovingly challenge their culture and their neighbor with the inconsistencies residing within the worldview.

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Exiles of Gender Ideology
Cultivating an Informed and Faithful Witness

Session 4 -Katie McCoy

The world seems to have turned upside down in the last two decades. The confusion over gender identity is like a mirror to our collective cultural conscience, revealing our beliefs, values, and aims. But it is also a once-in-a-generation opportunity the people of God cannot afford to miss. Discover how we can confront society's greatest spiritual strongholds and offer a compelling witness for the truth that sets us free.

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