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Senior Leadership Forum

In this session for Pastors and senior leadership, we will discuss strategies for creating a culture of connecting church and home.

Senior Leadership Forum
Partnering wth Parents

How to Start the Journey Well

Equipping Preschool Parents to Love & Lead Their Families

Laura Hearn & Christy Cupit

Do your preschool parents feel that they are Plan A or Plan B when it comes to teaching their preschoolers about God? Do they know how to be the primary faith trainer to their preschoolers? In this interactive class, Laura and Christy will be discussing how you can equip the parents in your church to love and lead their preschool families.


Leading a Family Ministry Team

5 Keys to an Amazing Staff Culture

Brad Flurry & Todd Pendergrass

The essence of a team is common commitment. Does your staff have it?  Every church and ministry area faces the realities of limited resources, competing ministry calendars, and personal differences in ministry strategies.  So how do you unite your staff across all ministry areas to accomplish a common goal? In this breakout session, Brad and Todd will provide 5 tips to help you develop and implement a culture of connecting church and home across all ministry areas. 



Partnering with Parents Basics

5 Tips to Lay a Solid Foundation for a Parent Partnership

Joe Landi & Curtis Lane

Many churches talk about partnering with parents, but what exactly does that mean? Is it simply keeping parents informed about the lessons you teach their kids and updated on the church calendar? Or is it something more significant and deeper along with those activities? In this breakout session, Joe and Curtis will provide 5 tips to help you lay the foundation for a long-term, significant partnership with parents.



An Invaluable Asset to Your Ministry Team

Dennis Wilbanks

Practically our families are made of three generations: grandparents (including great-grandparents), parents, and children/grandchildren.  Throughout Scripture and recent research is verifying the significance that the “First Generation” have on the second and specifically the third generation.  In this session, we will talk about some practical ways that you can involve grandparents in your specific family ministries. We will discuss building a cross-generational family ministry; the challenges of cross-generational ministry; ways to involve grandparents with their own preschool, children, student, and emerging adult; and ways to involve grandparents in non-familial relationships.



Parent-Led Transformation

Guiding Parents to Guide Their Children

Leslee McWhirter & Maggie Bertram

While parents are the primary faith trainer of their children, many don’t feel qualified to lead their child to a salvation decision. In this session, we will share what you can teach parents to give them confidence to lead their child on their own, as well as share a way to lead them step by step to have this conversation with their child.


Teaching Your Child to

Get Back Up

Brian Housman

Every child is going to experience failures and disappointments in life. Whether through unprovoked circumstances, an unmet opportunity, or a moral compromise, every child is going to crash and burn. A big truth many parents miss is that the way they respond to their child’s failure and disappointment will largely determine how their child responds as well. In this breakout, ministry leaders will learn principles to help them talk with parents and children about their own struggles, how to respond to shame and brokenness, and how to discipline with grace.


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Fighting for Purity in a Culture That Doesn't

Chris Kincaid & Kayla Self

As ministry leaders we all understand that biblical purity holds little value in today’s culture.  In this breakout session we will explore how we can equip both parents and teens to walk in biblical purity. We will discuss the why of purity, teaching perversions of sex in our culture, the beauty of confession, and how to walk in freedom from the perspective of both parents and their teens. Our hope and prayer is that we as ministry leaders would be able to better train and equip parents and their kids to fight for purity, confession, and freedom.


Building a Marriage Mentorship Ministry

Susan Sowell & Doug Valot

Preparing couples for marriage, building strong marriages and helping hurting couples is a significant part of Marriage Ministry.  A Marriage Mentorship Ministry provides an opportunity for the church to better meet the various needs of couples and creates a culture in the church for more authentic community.  In this breakout session, Susan and Doug will provide a framework for starting or expanding a Marriage Mentorship Ministry including tips for training and equipping mentors and mentees.



Building a Special Needs Ministry

Nancy Butschek

It’s estimated that nearly 90% of special needs families do not attend church.  If your church should accept the mission to minister to special needs families, it will be a continuous labor of love.  Having a special needs ministry not only benefits parents and the child, but also the leaders that have the opportunity to love on them and teach them about Jesus. We will discuss important building blocks needed whether you are just beginning or already in the trenches.  You will walk away with tools to help you create a warm and loving environment for families that struggle to find a welcoming church.

Becoming the B-Team

How to Equip Parents to Be the Primary Faith Trainer

Bobby Cooley

Parents are uniquely designed to be the primary faith trainer for their children. By creating a culture of “drop-off discipleship” many of us have done a disservice to our kids and families. How does a pastor move from the discipleship A-Team, to the B-Team, while still leading, connecting, and appropriately ministering? In this breakout session we answer the question of how to partner, equip, and support the parent being the primary faith trainer.


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A Discipleship Path for Church and Home

Brian Haynes

What if your church and the families that compose your church engaged in a simple partnership to disciple the next generation by working together 24/7. Imagine if your weekend church experience for adults, youth, and children became a catalyst for faith talks, God moments, and discipleship milestones in the home throughout the week. Discover milestones, a strategic path for church and home that can become your own.


Gospel-Centered Life Design

The Most Important New Offering for Your Church

Will Mancini

For years the church leaders have called people to volunteer in the various roles at church. But what if you could call them to really understand, name and live out of a much bigger calling?  Have you helped your church members understand the dream that God had for their lives on the day they were born? Life Younique is a new ministry designed to help people grasp special calling or understanding one’s special assignment from God; a topic that has been underdeveloped in the church. Co-founder Will Mancini will walk though how to use this reproducible training process that can deliver life planning to every member and release your church like never before! In addition, participants will receive a FREE digital copy of Will’s latest book on personal calling: Clarity Spiral: The 4 Break-Thru Practices to Find Your One Thing in Life.


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Defining the Endgame

Brian Housman

Too often the default button as a parent or ministry leader is “sin management” or behavior modification. We move from crisis to crisis simply trying to help our students be a little less bad. We may have tried shame or embarrassment, given out never-ending punishments, and still seen a cycle of repeated behavior in which nothing ever changes. It’s time to develop a biblical endgame for your ministry that allows you to partner with God to transform hearts. Come learn how to lead from a posture of grace that leads to God’s goodness.


How to Start the Journey
Leading a Family Ministry
Parent-Led Transformation
Teaching Your Child
Fighting for Purity
Building a Marriage Mentorship
Building a Special Needs Ministry
Becomig the B-Team
Defining the Endgame
Gospel-Centered Life Design
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